Friday, December 26, 2008

Education and Islam (Part II): Taliban Force 40,000 Girls to Go Without Education!


Thankfully there are still Muslims out there that understand that an educated woman, is a dangerous woman, both to herself and to Islam. 

That is why any true Muslim is celebrating the fact that the Taliban are
forcing over 40,000 young girls from school and effectivly denying them an education. 

As we already know, Allah does not look kindly on girls being educated, and these Islamic freedom fighters are only upholding the will of the Islam, and should be showered with the Islamic praise they so deserve. 

The Taliban on Wednesday issued a deadline for January 15 for the ban to be implemented, following which they said they would bomb the buildings of schools allowing girls to study. 

The Taliban have blown up more than
100 girls’ schools in Swat in the past 14 months. 

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