Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Failure of the Arabs: Let Us Count the Ways!


I have just watched a disturbing video brothers, in it you can see a man who clearly and without shame states this and many other comments against Arabs as a Race! 

  • Arabs can use all the technology of the West, but not produce it.  
  • Arabs can not produce anything,  
  • Arabs can not manufacture anything,  
  • Arabs do almost no work, 
  • Arabs, even if they do work, can never do anything professionally.  
  • Arabs do not read,  
  • Arabs are a very lazy race, 
  • The entire Arab world, including the oil states is still poorer than the poorest industrial state Spain!  
  • Allah instructed Muslims to Kill, and do it professionally, but do Arabs? For ---Allah's sake, if you kill do it professionally!  
  • Arabs do not excel at either military or civil industies.  
  • Arabs must import everything from needles to missles because of their failure as a people.  
  • Arabs have even not ever manufactured a single engine. While even the Indians have manufactured cars and even airplanes, but Arabs haven't.  
  • Arabs can only go round in circles like a bull who turns a grinding mill or a water wheel.  
  • Arabs are inferior to Zionists because they (Jews) have become superior in knowledge, technology and strength.  Arabs had a desert before their eyes and did NOTHING. When Zioinist took over they turned the desert into a GREEN OAISIS.  

I was shocked when I saw this, but then became extremely confused, this was the Friday Surmon aired on Qatar TV By Dr. Yousuf al-Quradhawi.  Are there any other Muslims as shocked as I, for him giving away our secrets to the infidel?  

Should there be a Jiahad against the Mufti?  

What should happen if he delves even deeper into the utter failure of other sections of the Ummah, and its people. God forbid he tackle the total failure of Bangladesh, it's people and its culuture or the second biggest failure Pakistan? 
Why is a Mufti letting the infidel in on our secrets?  
This must be answered? 
What should the response be?  

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