Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Glorious Story of Muhammad and Zainab ---“Don’t Ask Questions. You Lose Faith by Asking!"

Hark Muslims, 
Lend me your ears!

I come with the Good news of Islam, and a story that will touch the heart of any pious Muslim!

Now brothers, I have some reservations about posting this as it uses cartoons to explain clearly the Glorious Islamic story of Muhammad and Zainab from Qur'an.

I understand there is 90% illiteracy among Muslims, and sometimes a time honored story should be revealed no matter the injunctions (i.e., photos, paintings... heck we all have profile pics here.). 

Please see this wonderful story as recounted by the suras of the Quran and Hadith,

Remember Brothers, Praise be to the marriage of the Apostle and his Daughters-in-Law. And remember: 

“Don’t ask questions. You lose faith by asking questions. (The Noble Quran 5.101/102)

Moral of the above Quranic story as you will see is this: 

Your brain is like your donkey , and Islam is like a mosque. 

You can ride your donkey any where you want, but when you enter the mosque, leave your donkey at the gate.

Allahu Akbar. 

Enjoy brothers, Enjoy

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