Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Grandeur of Islamic Science (Part I) Islam Cures AIDS!!!


As we all know,
Muslims have created the modern world, from spacefight, internet, aeroplanes, electricity, TV to modern medicine, the automobile and millions of other things that Islam has provided the world through the science of the Quran. 

Hark! Another Islamic Miracle! 

For starters, I didn't even know there was a 'cure' for AIDS, much less that it was based on the words of Muhammad! 

Hamas TV Scientist
Dr. Ahmad Al-Muzai has explained how the cure for AIDS was invented on the Basis of a Hadith by Prophet Muhammad (about the Wings of Flies)!

A brief outake!

"this antibiotic is very expensive, and one course costs more than $500, but it is very strong and effective. How did they discover it? From this hadith."


Did the Prophet Muhammad have labs to carry out research? Did Abu Bakr know anything about entomology, parasitology, or bacteriology? Of course not. Absolutely not. So how did they make all these scientific accomplishments? The only logical conclusion is that this science was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by the Creator.


Allah knows best.

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