Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hark! ANOTHER Great Day for Islam and Allah's Justice!


It is ANOTHER beautiful day when we can see Allah's Justice meted out to adulterous vixens that defy the will of Islam! 

Some of our moderate Islamic brothers tried a married woman in a 'Shariah court' in Matta sub-district of Swat for committing adultery and found her guilty. 

Reasonably, they then asked her brother-in-law to shoot her dead in their presence.

The brother-in-law killed the woman on Sunday by spraying bullets at her, The News daily reported on Monday"

It is the case again, where this little seducer could only have been punished for her adultery according to the eternal laws of Allah that are held within Sharia. 

It is a beautiful day for Islamic Justice brothers, your prayers have already been answered since the last stoning. Allah hears and demands JUSTICE!

Allah desires Justice! 

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