Monday, December 15, 2008

Magnum P.I. is behind the Explosion of Homosexuals in the Uhmma.

Public mixing of sexes is prohibited by Islam and rightly so, however it is tolerated by Shaitan worshiping secular governments.

I was meditating on this for a long time in relation to the explosion of homosexuals in the Uhmma.

But let me first preface my findings with the following excerpt from a piece published on the website:

Understanding Islam, …which gives one a clear view of the explosion of Homosexuality of Muslims in the very birthplace of the beloved prophet.

"Ibrahim bin Abdullah bin Ghaith, the head of the religious police (the Committee for the Prevention of Vice and the Promotion of Virtue) acknowledged, in unusually tempered language, that there are gay Saudis, while also speaking of the need "to educate the young" about this "vice". But he denied media reports that gay and lesbian relationships were the norm in the strictly segregated schools and colleges, that HOMOSEXUALITY IS SPREADING"


"A particularly beautiful boy always gets top marks in the exams because he's some teacher's favourite," said Mohammed, an English teacher in a government high school in Riyadh. "On the other hand, I know many older boys who deliberately flunked their final exams so they can stay ... with their younger sweethearts."

Ahmed, 19, a student at a private college in Jeddah, said there was no shame in having a boyfriend in his private high school. Although he firmly rejected the label "gay", he admitted that he now has a "special friend" in college, too:

"It's those who don't have a boy who are ashamed to admit it. We introduce our boy to our friends as 'al walid hagi' [the boy who belongs to me]. At the beginning of term, we always check out the new boys to see which are the most 'helu' [sweet] and think of ways to get to know them."

Realising that this was not always the case, and that of course that Islamic countries do not have gays (naturally), that this is just more oppression that has been forced on good Muslims by the West through the Media.

We all know that the Western media (obviously created by the CIA )that is always lying to, and about Muslims, and was actually expressly created by the kuffar to oppress and confuse Muslims. This is not news to any Muslim, as they know that all non-believers are out to get us, and created the Media (with the help of the CIA) to confuse Muslims, distort the facts and create desires that were not there to begin with.

And this is where my meditation has brought me:

The EXPLOSION in HOMOSEXUALITY in the Uhmma, is a direct result of the popular 1980’s program Magnum PI.

It was one of the first TV shows I can remember watching from the Great Shaitan.It showed women in swimsuits, like pieces of uncovered meat, and Americans leading the “good life,” ---a life that we Muslims knew we would never have because of the laws given to us by Allah!

This is however, the point.

It was the central character, Magnum, in his short shorts, his sexually alluring hairy chest, is luxurious moustache and flowing locks of curly hair that really got men in the Muslim world aroused.

He would be shirtless for half of the show, parading his manliness to his legions of male fans in the Islamic world, and created desires that are forbidden by Allah (swt).

For proof of this, please see this video of Magnum in his teasing shorts, almost willing us Muslims into homosexuality.

It was Magnum that created the homosexuality we see running rampant in the Uhmma today! The younger generations of Muslims, that only know of the rampant homosexuality in our societies, but not the reason why, I fear may be lost.

Thus, from this we can see that Magnum was a creation of the evil Western Media that was bent on the homosexualization of Muslims.

20 years later, they have almost succeeded. I implore Muslims to stop their homosexual activities, no matter how hard it may be.

Also, cease and desist watching any re-runs or clips on YouTube or Magnum P.I. He is the creation of Shaitan!

No matter how good he looks in those shorts, he needs to be resisted at all costs!

Allah knows best.

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