Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Islamic Urine Chronicles (Part IV)


This is yet more evidence of the central nature of Urine to our Islamic faith. 

As we can see, even the
Grand Mufti of Egypt, Sheikh Ali Goma (علي جمعة ‘Alī Jum‘ah) has issued a fatwa that the companions of the Prophet Muhammad would drink his urine to recieve the blessings of Allah!

In fact, one can find this glorious quote from the Hadith of Muhammed guranteeing
safety from Hell for those who would drink his Urine. 

....Umm Ayman drank the urine of the Prophet, and the prophet told her: ‘This stomach will not be dragged through the fire of Hell, because it contains something of our Lord the Messenger of Allah.

More over, the hadith of Suhail bin Omar at Al-Hudaybiya says: 


Oh Lord, I was with Kisra [the ruler of Persia] and with Kaisar [the ruler of Byzantium] and I saw no instance in which the leader was glorified likethe Companions of the Prophet glorified Muhammad. 

The second Muhammad spat, oneof them would immediately hasten [to grab his saliva] and smear it upon his face.’ 

Thus we can see, the ulema, including Ibn Hajar Al-Askalani, Al-Baihaqi,
Al-Daraqutni and Al-Haythami, determined that the Prophet’s entire body was
sacred and pure. 


Now we must understand it was only the prophet's Urine that was holy and if drunk could give blessings.

Moreover, the drinking normal Human Urine even in necessity is unlawful B7-357-CH.

Hence, please do not try this with your friends. Stick to Camel Urine. 

Oh Allah, please guide the wayward Muslims of this board to accept the holyness of the Prophets Urine as well as the divine revalations pretaining to Camel Urine. 

Allah really does know best. 

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