Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mumbai Attacks Win Cyber Praise and Fires the Imagination of Muslims Around the World!


It would seem that many a Muslim are very pleased with the results of the recent defensive measures taken by Islamic Holy Warriors in Mumbai.  In fact, the accolades given to these mujahedeen have been enormous!  

Islamic chat rooms “….have been flooded by complimentary messages for LeT (the defenders of Islam) with some even describing it as a force on par with Al Qaida in waging global jihad.” Allah’s warriors have made all the difference in the minds of many believers.  

In fact, a monitoring agency ( SITE Intelligence Group) has also reported about `jihadists' who have exhorted Muslims to use networking site Facebook for propaganda! “…LeT never managed to occupy much space in these websites because the outfit never managed to fire the imagination of Muslim youths in the Middle East and adjoining areas. 

The Mumbai attacks, however, have clearly helped LeT emerged out of the shadows of Al Qaida as evident by the flurry of complementary messages on these websites. “ Allah provides lessons for every Muslim given time.  

Allahu Akbar!

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