Sunday, December 7, 2008

Muslim Debate Check List

Hark Brothers!

How many times have we seen these excuses by wayward Muslims in their defence of Islam? 

Even the kaafirs are now ridiculing us! We need to take pride in Islam and it's accomplishments!

STOP MAKING SILLY EXCUSES! It only makes Islam look worse!

It would seem that the kaafirs are correct in their assumptions of the pseudo-Muslim debate Check list:

Any of this sound familiar? 


1. Read the Qur'an with an open mind 
2. You took the verse out of context 
3. Read the following verse 
4. Read the verse before that one 
5. Christians kill too 
6. That Hadith is false 
7. That Hadith is suspicious 
8. You must know arabic to understand the Qur'an 
9. Must be an error in the translation 
10. What's your religion? 
11. Allah knows your actions before you are born but you have free will 
12. Muhammed is the last prophet because the Qur'an says so 
13. Qur'an is true because Muhammed said so 
14. Enemies of Islam wrote that Hadith 
15. Aysha was 22 when she got married 
16. Girls in the desert mature more quickly 
17. She was 6 but she consented to marry Muhamed 
18. Everybody is born a muslim 
19. Muhammed was the first muslim 
20. Jesus and Abraham were muslim 
21. Adam was the first muslim 
22. You must recite the shahada to become a muslim 
23. Those muslims that kill muslims are not muslims 
24. The russian police killed those children 
25. 9/11 was a jewish conspiracy 
26. Killing innocents is forbidden in Islam 
27. Katrina was Allah's punishment on the Kuffar 
28. Jewish used to stone their women too 
29. Christians killed unbelievers too 
30. Jews have a Tsunami machine.

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