Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Oppression of Islam Chronicles (Part II)

Hark Muslims!

Yet again more oppression of Islam brothers!

News out of the center of Shaitan worshiping, Amerika,
is defaming the beauty of Islam again!

May Allah reign Fire upon all of the goats, donkeys and camels in the Amerika as punishment for this affront!

News of the rise in Iraq of wonderful and peaceful group of believers called Heaven’s Army , who are devoted to Imam Mahdi.

The story goes, a young dutiful Muslim woman, named Iman immersed herself in religious studies and became fixated on a Imam Mahdi. Of course, what else is there in life but Islam?

Soon, the righteous group of worshipers tried to recruit the young widow, telling her that she could help bring the holy figure back to Earth!

What right thinking Shiite wouldn't want this?

The only small price she had to pay was to have sex with all of the group's male followers.

I do not see a problem with this?
And the Los Angeles Times is oppressing Islam by portraying this as anything but the pure commitment to Islam!

When I finished reading this piece of oppression,
I fell off the wagon in RAGE! And downed an entire bottle of Camel Urine in Protest!
Immediately I was off to the local Mosque to see where I could sign up with Heaven’s Army!

Any other brothers interested? 

I hear they give free miswaks, and even have a room at their center where you can let your wife off her leash and she can run around with the other wives of the group. 

Any takers? More information to come!

Allah is introspective!

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