Monday, December 15, 2008

The Oppression of Islam Chronicles (Part III): Muslims Attempt to Destroy a Church Because Christians Want to Pray!


Yet again we can see the tolerance and understanding of Islam by reflecting on the actions of Muslims!

 Case in point brothers:

In Egypt,  thousands of Muslim "interfaith enthusiasts" who were being OPPRESSED by Copts celebrating mass in the Zagazig Diocese's Hospitality Hall (10th December), gathered in the village of Kafr Farag Guirgis, in an attempt to attack the building. The Muslim party which also included those from nearby villages, was armed with fire balls and gasoline bottles. 

The more than 1300 Copts living in the village and who make up for more than 50% of the total inhabitants have no church to pray in (and rightly so, as Egypt is a Muslim land), while the Muslims have four mosques. 

For over 12 years the Copts were celebrating mass in a place of around 100 square meters with no water or amenities. As the roof of that place became unsafe, they went to celebrate mass in the hall of the nearby newly built building for social services and hospitality, belonging to the Diocese of Zagazig. This angered Muslims as they were not giving their prayers to Allah!

The security forces had to intervene to contain the situation -- they closed the building and are still surrounding it.

As we can see, the Muslims, as usual are being OPPRESSED by having other religions pray in the open and against all sanctions DHIMMI populations must adhere to. They were only sensibly going to destroy the "church" in order to safe guard Islam and "invite" the Copts to join Islam. 

Yet again we can see what kind of OPPRESSION Muslims are up against, and can only pray that Allah will intercede on behalf of the faithful. 

Allah knows best. 

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