Sunday, December 7, 2008

That Hadith is a LIE!

Hark Brothers, I sense a Disturbance (in the Force) of Unity. 

Many Muslims have chosen to deny much of the Noble Quran, or try to relegate the significance of many (important) verses (actually there are no unimportant verses).

These "Muslims" are quick to wince at the stuggles that Allah has set upon the shoulders of Muslims and endlessly claim a: 

"Historical Context" 

or the
"At War Context" 

or the
"Cherry Picking Context"..

However I have a big surprise for those that are the product of this Western corruption of Islam (which from what I can see is many). 

All of these contexts cut both ways. If any of Sura of the Noble Quran is a product of
HISTORY, then reasonably, they all are. 

To negate one part of the Noble Quran, by saying a verse is out of context or has to be put into an Historical Context is to miss the point. 

Those that say a sura is being quoted out of context, generally respond with their own
"cherry picked" sura. 

TRUE Muslims DO NOT enter into such parlay with other Muslims!

For example, they know that the suras for physical Jihad are much more in number and authority. And more importantly, they were mostly revealed later in the life of the Apostle (in Medina) and they ABROGATE earlier ones (from Mecca). 

Either ALL of the Noble Quran is the word of Allah and is valid for all time and is ETERNAL as true Muslims believe. Or it is NOT. 

I urge all Muslims to embrace the Holy Quran as well as the legitimate hadiths. 

Allahu Akbar!

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