Sunday, December 28, 2008

Poor, Poor Hamas. Why Is this Peaceful Organization Always Being Picked On?

As we watch the Poor Victims Hamas being Blasted by Israel, we can hear the same-old shrill cries of Israel Using "Disproportionate Force".

That is interesting, given the fact that:

"...Israeli population centers in southern Israel have been the target of over 4,000 rockets, as well as thousands of mortar shells, fired by Hamas and other organizations since 2001. Rocket attacks increased by 500 percent after Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza Strip in August 2005. During an informal six-month lull, some 215 rockets were launched at Israel."

Or that

"...After 9/11, when the Western alliance united to collectively topple the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, no one compared Afghan casualties in 2001 to the actual numbers that died from al-Qaeda's attack. There clearly is no international expectation that military losses in war should be on a one-to-one basis. To expect Israel to hold back in its use of decisive force against legitimate military targets in Gaza is to condemn it to a long war of attrition with Hamas."

What is more interesting to note is the to “celebrate” its 21 anniversary Hamas threw a Mass rally in Gaza.

With their trademark of stressing Peace and Brotherly love, the gathering included a "play" featuring a character dressed as captive IDF soldier Gilad Schalit, pleading in Hebrew for his freedom: "I miss my mom and dad."

The pain deliberately caused to Schalit's parents, more than 900 days after his abduction, would have been of little concern to Hamas. As it marks its 21st birthday, Hamas pays no heed to the fact that Schalit has been denied his freedom on his 20th, 21st and 22nd birthdays.

But Hamas “kindness”  exemplified at yesterday's rally should not only be celebrated by  Israelis. It should give pause to to the whole world and most especially to Hamas's co-religionists.

But we all know that Muslims celebrate this kidnapping as well as anyway to strike at the infidel or Zionist! 

Remember, all good Muslims and Leftists know:

Hamas = Good and Peaceful.

Israel = Bad Guys. 

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