Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Science of Islamic Flatulence (Part I) Lose your Wudoo?

Hark! What to do brothers, when you can not control the amount of gasses leaked by your rectum?

"I lose my wudoo’ when I am praying and when reading Qur’aan, by breaking wind either with a noise or with just a smell. I repeat my wudoo’ every time it breaks, but there is a Muslim sister who told me, “You do not have to repeat your wudoo’ so many times, you can pray with one wudoo’; if it breaks then you can do wudoo’ a second time, but if it breaks a third time then you do not have to repeat wudoo’.” Is this correct? What should I do in this situation? "

Please see the science of Islamic Farting at Islamic Q and A, and the exciting Fatwa on breaking wind:

I think everyone will agree, that the Prophets understanding of Farting could only have come from Allah, and is proof that Islam is the one true religion!

Don't worry brothers, more to come on the Prophets intimate insights into flatulence!

Allah knows best.

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