Sunday, January 25, 2009

Australian Muslim Wives Told to 'Laugh Off' Rape."

Is it just me, or is Australia vying to become an integral nation in the Islamic Ummah?

From a similar post recently we can see the blossoming Islamic nature of the land down under: 

Australian Cleric Says it's OK to Hit Your Wife and Force Her to Have Sex!


Australian Muslims Demand 'More Nazis' and Ovens for Jews.

Now news comes of even more Islamic jurisprudence! 

Can anyone deny the inroads into the WEST Islam is making or the beauty that is created by Muslim immigrants upon entering the lands of the infidel?

Abu Hamza has claimed that Muslim wives could laugh off unwanted sex and rape could be confused with simply having a pushy husband!

Moreover, the Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia website published an article saying the media had no right to question his marital teachings!

Of course NOT! 

Praise Allah that we have brave Muslims that are able to set the infidel straight on the sheer beauty of Islamic JUSTICE, and the will of Allah! 

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