Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Blasphemy Chronicles (Part I): Islamic Justice for Four Children Charged with Blasphemy!

Yet another example of the JUSTICE that Islam produces. Witness Allahs will on Earth, as four children in Pakistan are charged with injuring the feelings of the Apostle of Peace. As we know, in Pakistan the death sentence is meted out for such transgressions. We will watch this story with interest!

Four Ahmadi children charged with blasphemy

LAHORE: Five members of the Ahmadiyya community including four
children were charged with blasphemy under Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code in Layyah on Wednesday. The children, aged 16 and younger, were detained at about 8pm after a complaint by a local cleric. Police have registered a case (number 46/9) in the Court Sultan police station against Tahir Imran (16), Tahir  Mahmood (14), Naseer Ahmad (14), Muhammad Irfan (14), and Mubashar Ahmad (45). A spokesman for the community denied the allegations saying they were intended to fuel religious hatred. “Victimising children with false accusations is the most condemnable use of the blasphemy law,” he said. staff report

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