Friday, January 23, 2009

Following in the Footsteps of the Apostle: Thousands of Darfur Women 'Kept as Sex Slaves.

As we all know, the Apostle of Peace was an avid slave trader and received messages from Allah regarding a Muslim Man's rights over his captured Female booty. 

All Muslims believe that the Prophet was the "perfect man" and his actions for all time should be emulated by Muslims. 

It is therefore, not surprising whatsoever that the slaves of Allah in the Sudan have taken the example of the Apostle to heart and imitate his actions by taking thousands of women into slavery and thousands that are used to satisfy the rights of Muslim men (as bequeathed and codified by the Apostle and Allah)!

This is why we hear the screams of genocide and war crimes about Gaza, but nothing on the rights of Muslim men being taken. 

Is it just me , or do other's not realize the true Justice that Islam provides for believers? 

Darfur women 
'kept as sex slaves after kidnap by the Sudanese army'

Darfur civilians 
'seized as slaves by Sudan military'

Sex slaves in Sudan 

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