Friday, January 30, 2009

Hamas' Children TV's Jew-Eating Rabbit (Part II): Assud the Bunny Martyred by the Zionist Infidels!


Many a Muslim was almost brought to tears when I heard Assud, the Pink Jew Eating Bunny had been Martyred by the Evil Zionist Infidels! 

Palestinian media hits a new high with this tear-jerker for children, which features
Assud the Pink Jew Eating Holy Warrior Bunny, that just can't seem to die quickly enough :(

Can any Muslim, idly sit by and allow Assud
, the Pink Jew Eating HAMAS Bunny blood be spilt without calls for Jihad and Martyr Missions to a sage Allah's anger and thirst for Blood and Revenge? 


Assud the Pink Jew Eating Bunny Must have his revenge! 

Hamas TV Bunny Assud Killed; Calls on His Deathbed to Liberate Tel Aviv and Haifa. 

Children's TV program featuring the martyrdom of Hamas TV bunny Assud, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on January 2, 2009.

In place of flowers, all of Allah's believers are asked to dontate to the
Assud Jihad foundation, commited to buying the suicide weapons needed by the children of Gaza to become the Martyrs for Allah they are trained to be. 

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