Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HAMAS Lovers May Not Care that HAMAS Used Civilians as Human Shields, But PALESTINIANS DO!

The anti-Israel crowd may not care that Hamas used Palestinians as human shields, but it isn't sitting too well with the Palestinians. 

We all know who the HAMAS lovers are,  without any care for the CIVILIAN humanitarian crisis they were creating. 

Now listen to the PEOPLE of Gaza, and what they have to say: 



'Who Has Won Here?'

"...In the Gaza Strip people are returning home -- or to the rubble that was once their home. Many are blaming Hamas for the destruction because the militants hid among civilians and attracted Israeli fire. Yet no one dares to speak out openly...

...What is left over when a person is hit by a tank shell. Blood, tissue, bone splinters, splatters on the wall.

And anger.

Mohammed Sadala's rage is aimed at the man, whose remains he found in his bedroom: a Hamas fighter....

....I've changed my mind about Hamas," Abu Abed says. "I can't support any party that wages a war that destroys our lives."

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