Friday, January 2, 2009

Imam Calif Chronicles (Part VIII): The Islamic Miracle of "Situational Homosexuality"


(We have our special guest Imam, brother
Calif Namazifard bringing his unchallenged knowlege of Islam to the readers of this blog)

Islam and homosexuality:  led me to consider if in fact there was actually an "Islamic Miracle" involved.

From Wikipedia, we read:

"In Islamic societies where the genders are heavily segregated, same-sex encounters are performed as an alternative to heterosexual encounters. This is despite Islamic prohibitions on homosexuality, and the fact that in many of these societies sodomy is punishable by death. The Wall Street Journal reported on this occurrence within Saudi Arabia on April 4, 2007, naming Jeddah and Riyadh as capitals of gay life in the kingdom, and noting that most Saudi men who engage in same-sex encounters "don't consider themselves gay, and others dismiss past homosexual behavior in their lives as part of growing up."

So, we see that in Islamic societies, getting buggered when you are a kid is "just part of growing up".

This was a very interesting
quote he found from a famous travler and explorer from the 1700's:

"[Muslims] put no bounds to their leschivious desires, not being content with natural inclinations, outdo the sensuality of the hottests beasts who never attempt on other than the females of their own species, but these! Oh shame! Covet boys as much as women! And to speak a horrid truth, are too guilty of buggering other creatures! And their poor children, thus abused, are sad spectacles, looking defeated, and are not long lived"

It makes me wonder if the reference to animals would be considered "just part of being a farm animal" in Islamic societies...

At any rate, its only been recently that scientists have defined "situational homosexuality" but Muslims have been praticing it for hundreds of years - could this qualify as a miracle?

Also see:
Pederasty in the Islamic World. 

Here is a reference from Stephen O. Murry, PhD from his book "Islamic Homosexualities" writes: 

"Bullough considers widespread Islamic homoeroticsim a "natural outgrowth of a sex-positive, sex-segregating religion in which women had little status or value" (1976:238).  Similarly Dickeman argues that man-boy love is "predictable from a few variables: socical stratification with a controling patrilineal elite... with the seclusion and devalutaion of women... polygamy further alienates the sexes" (1993:62). Wikan sees the acceptance of homosexual prostitution as the states recognition of the utility of a sexual "saftey-valve" for men in a social system in which access to women is rigorously restricted (1977:314)." 
So, you see there are quite a number of scientific studies that have been done regarding Islamic buggery.

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