Thursday, January 15, 2009

Zoo-icide Bombers: Hamas Rigs School and Zoo to Explode!

Just more Islamic Glory for the brave Holy Warriors of Islam!  

However, (as we all know, the oppression against Islam is all Madonna's FAULT) we really need to praise this defensive measure taken against the zoo animals! 

Now I do sense an Islamic stratagem here:  

First comes the Islamic Zoo-icide Bombers that slaughter goats and take pictures to tell the BBC that Israel is killing our "KIDS!"  

Then show the aquariums full of fish and say "They also bombed our SCHOOLS."  

Just think all those birds, lions, and monkeys etc. could have all gotten their 72 virgins dieing as shaheed for the cause of Allah! Those pesky Jews always putting the kabash on a good Jihad! 

Praise the Islamic intelligence of Hamas!  

To the Zoo Jihad!  

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