Saturday, January 31, 2009

JUSTICE IN ACTION: Islam Recommends Slitting of Throat!

I come with good news! .... Now as Muslims we are torn between what is in the Sunna
(سنة, or plural سنن Sunnah) literally means “trodden path,” and therefore, the sunnah of the prophet means “the way and the manners of the prophet”. ) ...and what we personally enjoy. 

For example, when we have an Apostate, do we hang him from a crane? Shoot him? Behead him? ...

While all of these are sanctioned by Islam and approved of by Allah, there is another, much less exhaustive way in which to deal with the enemies of Islam! 

Please witness yet another Chapter in the
JUSTICE and TRUTH that Islam has provided humanity! 

SQUEAL....... you know what! 

Islam recommends slitting of throat

Peshawar, Jan 31 : Tehrik-e-Taliban Swat chief Maulana Fazlullah has said Islam recommends slitting the throat of a man if he is charged with espionage, adding that this is also the Sunnat of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions acted upon this.

Fazlullah was replying to allegations that the Taliban slits throats of people and even digs up dead bodies of men from graves and then hangs them.

"I am also ready for a debate with the Ulema on this issue," he added.

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