Sunday, January 25, 2009

Martyr Mission Chronicles (Part VIII): Gaza Bride Marries to Procreate Suicide Bombers!

Does Love for Allah have any limits in the hearts of believing Muslims? 

As this story illustrates, there are
 only two kinds of Muslims:

1) False Muslims, those that deny the verses in the Quran that are pointed out to them, and espouse that some of the verses in  Quran are somehow un-Islamic, or that people need to read these verses in "context," or that the greater Jihad is somehow not to be waged through Physical violence. 

2) Real Muslims, are those  willing to Martyr themselves for Allah or become a baby making machine to produce the next generation of Muslims that embark on Martyr missions! 

Regardiing the latter (True Muslims), I bring you news of a Gaza bride that has married with the sole intent to raise 'martyrs' (suicide bombers) for the cause of Islam! 

Drink in this pureness of this womans love of Islam.

Gaza bride marries to raise 'martyrs' to the Islamist cause

GAZA: There was no party, no celebrations when 22-year-old Aida al-Qaddumi finally got married this week. There were no regrets either-she said she was marrying to raise "fighters" and asked only that she might die as a "martyr" in Israel....

...Aida said her children will be raised to respect Islam and taught above all that "the only way possible is resistance to enter paradise".
I want my children to become fighters on the path to God," she said. "If I am given the opportunity, I would die during an operation in Israel."

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