Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Metropolitan Police humiliated at the hands of Muslim demonstrators in London

Nothing sums up the insanity of importing Muslims into the West quite like a video clip of police running in fear from immigrants chanting 'Allah Akbar.' 

How can the Brits not realize what they are doing to their own country?

For at least the 2nd time Muslims in the UK have bullied the Metro Police. At 1:50 we can hear a Muslim calling for the crowd to follow the police. From 2:10 to 3:15 viewers can hear the crowd laugh as the police actually run as street cones are being thrown at them. 

The crowd pursues them as they call the police "cowards". At 5:40 two police officers decide to fight back and billy-club a protester. As for the rest, the police might as well have gotten down on their knees and prayed to Allah.

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