Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Religon of Peace: Synagogues and Jews Being Attacked All Over Europe!


Yet more proof of the peaceful nature of Islam, NOW WE HAVE VIOLENCE against JEWS all over Europe! 

Can anyone doubt Islams resolve to destroy Jews?

What is strange, is that there as been ZERO examples of Jews attacking Muslims, why is that do you think?

I am sure many Muslim readers of this blog are very happy to be reading this NEWS!

Synagogue set ablaze and anti-Semitic assaults soar in UK following Israel's invasion of Gaza

Cars launched at synagogue
TOULOUSE - ATTACKERS launched two cars packed with petrol bombs at a synagogue in France's south-western city of Toulouse on Monday night, causing damage but no casualties, officials said.

Hamas Vows to Kill Jewish Children Anywhere it Finds Them

Denmark Leaflets: 'Just Kill Jewish Everywhere'...

Belgians Find Islamist Hit List of Prominent European Jews...

Florida Muslims Tell Jews to 'Go Back to the Ovens' (at 3:20)...

And who said Islam wasn't the RELIGION OF PEACE?

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