Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saudi Arabia's Senior-Most Cleric: An Injustice NOT to Marry 10-Year-Old Girls!

Muslim men's rights in Islam have been confirmed by the Senior-Most cleric in Saudi Arabia (the birth place of Islam and the site of the holy cities). 

As every Muslim knows, there are many ways in which Allah bequeaths his generosity on Muslim men and their rights sexually! 

From the taking of booty and slave girls, the the delights of Muta marrige and taking of several wives. 

However, one of the MAIN rights of a Muslim man has ALWAYS been the RIGHT to take a PREPUBESCENT wife. The Apostle took his wife when she was six years old, and his example is to be followed for all time (no exceptions!) 

Thus, please witness the GLORY of Islam as it relates to the taking of prepubescent wives! 

The powerful Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh
said in a speech late on Monday that Islamic Sharia law allows the practice of pre-teen girls getting married, and that critics of the practice were doing the girls "an injustice," reports said. 

"We hear often in the media about the marriage of minors. We must know that Sharia law is not unjust for women," the cleric is quoted as saying....

... and whoever thinks she is too young, then he or she is WRONG and has done her an INJUSTICE." 

Come on Muslims! SQUEAL ALLAHU AKBAR! 

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