Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good News! Muslim (Islamic HOLY WARRIOR) from the House of Lords Demands the Arrest of British Jews Serving in IDF!

Just more proof the the sheer benefits of uncontrolled immigration and the saturisation of the UK with immigrants (especially those from Muslim Lands)! 

Witness with GLEE and AWE, the land of (once) Great Britain as it slides further and further into the hands of Islam! Lord Ahmed-dinejad, Muslim member of the House of Lords, is on the case for Islam once again!  This 'pillar' of the House of Lords (and Islamic Jihad) is demading that British Jews, that may have served or are serving in the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), be arrested..... the Pakistani press awaits....(as they do all of his actions!)

If you are unfamiliar with this member's work for Islam and the destruction of reason please immerse yourself in the majesty of his Islamic work below! 

Britain's first muslim peer, Lord Ahmed, recently threatened the House of Lords with violent protests --- saying he would flood the streets of London with 10,000 saliva spewing hate filled muslim protesters --- if the House proceeded to show Dutch political leader, Geert Wilders, movie "Fitna" his threats caused the initial showing to be cancelled . 

Flushed with pride that he cowtowed the House of Lords, the Glorious Islamic Holy Warrior Lord Ahmed immediately rushed and bragged about his victory to the Pakistani press and declared it a "victory for the muslim community". (Sheik) Lord Ahmed's posturing and boasting to the Pakistani press/people clearly shows he places more allegiance and importance on his Pakistan "constituency" than the British people! 

AND the same Lord Ahmed who decried the award of Knighthood to author Salman Rushdie - Ahmed accused Rushdie of having 'blood on his hands'

AND this is the same Lord Ahmed who was too busy text messaging while driving his Jaguar X-type over 60mph to see a broken down car in the road ahead of him. Ahmed's negligence caused him to smash into the back of the vehicle and fatally injure a father of two children. 

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