Monday, February 2, 2009

Is Islamic law... well...."Islamophobic"?

I've often recounted that Islamic law DECREES that women (in the same fashion as commodities) are the PROPERTY of their husbands. As a result, I have been told that I cling too tightly to the ETERNAL LAWS of Allah as stiupated in the Noble Quran. 

I have even been "Islamophobic" as a result (if you can believe it!)

But in this story, we're told that "under Saudi law, she is her husband's property because she is the mother of his children.

And Saudi law (thank Allah), of course, adheres to the norms of Islamic Sharia. 

Does this mean that Islamic law is "Islamophobic"?

Please, sit back, relax and drink in the INTOXIFYING GLORY of Islam and the JUSTICE it provides women! 

MONTREAL — A high-level representative of the federal government has met with Nathalie Morin, a 24-year-old Quebec woman who claims she is being held against her will in Saudi Arabia.

Deepak Obhrai, parliamentary secretary to Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, met with Morin and her Saudi husband, Abdallah Ramthi Al-Bishi, in Saudi Arabia on Dec. 22 to mediate in the couple’s dispute, a Foreign Affairs spokesperson told Canwest News Service last night.

He could not say what the next step might be. Ottawa has said in the past that Canadians in Saudi Arabia are subject to its laws. Morin met Al-Bishi in Montreal when she was 17 and when he was a Concordia University student....

Morin’s mother has said her daughter is unable to leave because, under Saudi law, SHE IS HIS PROPERTY because she is the mother of his children....

Can anyone deny the JUSTICE and TRANQUILITY that Islamic Sharia brings to humanity?

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