Friday, March 27, 2009

30 Questions on Islamic Values

I would like to ask the Mohammedans a question:  

Which of these time honoured customs, liberally practiced by Moslems throughout the Islamic world (and Islamic immigrants in the West) are the most cherished acts in the package of values given by the prophet of Islam?  

1) Suicide bombings 

2) Female Genital Mutilation 

3) Masturbation against the thighs of toddlers. 

4) Rape of infidel women (as well as wife rape). 

5) Stoning 6) Amputations  

7) Man child marriage 

8) Humiliation of religious minorities (stressing the supremecy of Islam).  

9) Lying to the infidel 

10) Jihad 

11) Hatred for the Jew 

12) Flogging 

13) Wife Beating 

14) Death for Homosexuality 

15) Disdain for Democracy 

16) Beheading 

17) Terrorism  

18) Corporal Punishment for victims of rape 

19) Honour Killings  

20) Throat Slitting  

21) Theft of Infidel Property 

22) The Taking of Slaves 

23) The use of Human sheilds in battles against the Infidel 

24) Belief there can be no permanant peace between the House of Islam and the House of war 

25) And belief that infidels are the vilest of Animals.  

26) Fight for all time until all the world is Islamic 

27) A Muslim's right to own slaves 

28) Death for Apostasy 

29) A Muslim Man CAN Beat His Wife or Slave if She Refuses Sex  and finally.... 

30) That the actions of Mohammad were sinless, and that he is an example of behaviour that should be emulated for all time?

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