Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Endless Oppression of Islam: Open Support of Jihad Too Much Even for Labour.... Is this possible?

I am at a loss to understand this shocking news! 

The Labour Government, the standard bearer of Diversity, Uncontrolled Immigration and the harbinger of the destruction of the indigenous people of the UK is now pretending that being associated with Jihadists will in some way hurt their image?

This is shocking! 

The sole purpose of Labour is to bring about the GLORIOUS Multicultural UK that we ALL desire no matter the cost. 

Thus, news out recently that the Labour government has suspended its engagement with the country’s leading Islamic umbrella group, following reports that a senior leader signed a declaration in support of “jihad” against Israel and appeared to condone attacks on British troops is just another attempt to oppress the legitimate cause of Jihad by British Muslims.

We need to PROTEST this Islamophobic stance and reassure the British Public of our sincere desire to support Jihad and promote the diversity that we, living in the UK all enjoy. 

I urge all those that read this to make sure they raise their voice in objection to this OPPRESSION to Jihadists Muslims living in the UK and remember, if you do not support Jihad then, in the words of the "....Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) [then] says could have the effect of labeling the majority of British Muslims as extremists."

I am sure that all Brits are in love with Jihad, Diversity and Multiculturalism and will do their utmost to support Jihad against the UK and British Troops abroad --- and if you do not then you are RACIST. 

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