Thursday, March 26, 2009

The FATWA Chronicles: Make War, Not Love!

I come with a message of Import!  

The Demands of Allah and his Noble Prophet are not open for discussion! 

As we must follow our learned scholars on the GLORY STAINED road of Islamic Jihad we must guard against any kind of mental intoxicant that leads a Muslims mind astray! T

Thus, very important news of the new and exciting FATWA from regarding the reading of Romance novels and the polluting of Muslim minds with these Blasphemous books! Just more Islamic values from the Religion of Peace as HOLY MUSLIM clerics advises parents to have their daughters read about Jihad rather than romance!
"...Reading romantic novels may be dangerous in the same way as films are...So, I advise my dear daughter to read ..... the history of Islamic battles, etc. Getting her mind engrossed with these noble readings, she will find herself in no need for reading such novels."
Can there be anymore truth to the words of Allah? Can anyone really deny that the battles of the Apostle are the only education a Muslim needs!

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