Monday, March 23, 2009

Islamic JUSTICE: Allah's Holy Warriors Blow Up a(nother) School For Girls!

Brothers, I come with wonderful news! 

The Crusaders and their blasphemous attempts to
educate girls in the lands of Islam has been dealt another crushing blow! 

Can anyone doubt, the grandeur, intelligence and civilization building aspects of Islam that are clear for all to see?

MARDAN: Unidentified men blew up a girls’ school in Mardan on Sunday. According to police sources, the men planted explosives near Government Girls High School Hattian, located near the residence of NWFP senior minister Rahim Dad Khan. The sources said the blast caused panic among the residents. 

For those who follow the rights and benefits as bequeathed to Muslim men by Allah and are in horror at the infidel attempt to make literate women of Islam, I implore you to witness even more Glory of Islamic objections to educate women!

Can anyone even attempt to deny the

Taliban bombs and torches more girl-schools; government resigns itself to defeat----School burnings in Swat can’t be stopped, says minister

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