Monday, March 9, 2009

ISLAMOPHOBIA! : Quadriplegic Former Bus Driving Muslim Sues MI5 for Spy Job Rejection!

Just another example of the RACISM and ISLAMOPHOBIA and oppression that Muslims living on the Dole experience in the UK today. 

Wheelchair-bound Muslim, Sajad Suleman, is suing MI5 after application for spy job rejected.

This former bus driver is suing MI5 for £363,000, after his application for a job tracking down suspects was rejected because of obvious ISLAMOPHOBIA! 

He admitted he could not move his arms or legs when he applied to be a Mobile Surveillance Officer but still claimed he should have been the "preferred candidate" out of the 1,092 who applied.

The service should have also paid for his health care, he said.

Can any Muslim or any right thinking LEFTIST not understand the mental and financial anguish caused by this INSTITUTIONAL RACISM!

I think as a measure of compensation, all the other Muslims of his tribe should be allowed in to the UK with triple allotment of Dole, and all indigenous Brits should grovel and beg his and ALL Muslims forgiveness! 

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