Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mohammad's "Grooming" of Aisha

During my recent research into the situational homosexuality and pederasty that occurs in Islamic societies, I came across some interesting information I'd like to share about how a pedophile often "grooms" his victim before actually engaging in sex acts with them.

If a pedophile whishes to gain the consent of a child to participate in sexual acts, he begins by first trying to cement a relationship with the child. The pedophile will often go to great lengths to accomplish this task.

First, the pedophile identifies the victim, then proceeds to collect information about the victim with the intent of finding a need the pedophile can fill. This stage in the grooming might involve gifts, devoting time to the victim and expressions of unconditional love and acceptance.

Next, the pedophile will seek to lower the inhibitions of the victim such as manufacturing situtations in which the genitals my be exposed, such as during urination, dressing or bathing.

During this stage the pedophile often gradually begins to discuss topics of a sexual nature with the child, wich gradually become more explicit in nature. Lastly, the sexual abuse itself begins very gradually, such as with hugging, short kisses and touching of the erogenous zones of the victims body through the ouside of the clothing progressing over time to actual contact of the sexual organs.

Bringing children along through these varios stages, victim identification, filling a need, lowing inhibitions, and initiating the abuse is called "grooming". The goal is to introduce these stages in such a gradual way that the victim hardly notices any difference in the relationship on a day-to-day basis.

Now, in the Ottoman society much of the pederasty and pedophilia was purpretrated on slave children so the above steps were unnecessary, thus the child was typically thrust very abruptly into sexual situations.

The relationship between Mohammad and Aisha however, being of a different nature, would have required that Mohammad gain Aisha's consent to the sexual abuse. I think it should be obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense that Mohammd did not simply whisk away this 9-year-old girl, take her to his bedroom and force himself upon her sexually in the manner of a child slave.

Clearly, Mohamad would have taken time to "groom" Aisha before jumping right in to the sex act itself.

There is evidence from the Hadith that Mohammad did in fact "groom" Aisha between the time he married her at 6-years-old, and thier first act of sexual intercourse at age 9. I shall continue this post later today as time permits.

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