Friday, March 27, 2009

The Multicultural Sensitivities of Muslim Pedophiles

Yet again, we can see the wonders and utopia that Multiculturalism has brought to the UK. 

Now, while indigenous pedophiles in the UK are put to shame and swiftly taken off the streets for their "crimes," the UK establishment has once again, as usual, been obsessively concerned with muslim neighborhood sensitivities & political correctness.

Please recall from August 2007 where mother's had to beg police to intervene and stop the muslim men exploiting their young daughters because officers were worried about being called racist if they intervened:

Grooming of white girls for sex is exposed as two Asian men jailed

Now more news of the Multicultural paradise that is the modern UK, officers again are more worried about upsetting "social cohesion" with the Muslim community than they are with arresting muslims accused of being at the centre of a sex ring said to have lured young girls into a world of exploitation and rape.(which is seen as racist to even really discuss). 

Interesting to note that a television documentary that exposed the huge numbers of Pakistani muslim men involved in the pedophilia ring was stopped - twice- from being televised - 

To see the UK become a veritable doormat for millions of colonisers (and pay for said colonisation through their taxes)-- multiculturalism demands 'reverse assimilation' or the inevitable loss of the indigenous culture as native populations are brainwashed, goaded, shamed and threatened to place all other cultures above their own. 

Interestingly, there was no public debate nor any citizen vote - and now multiculturalism, along with militant political correctness - has now made it a greater evil to arrest prefered minorities than it is to protect children from rape. 

Can anyone really deny the bounty, and advantages Multiculturalism has brought to the UK? 

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