Tuesday, April 7, 2009

11 Year Old Boy Demands His Islamic Right to Martyr Himself in Suicide Attack!

Understaning the Nature and Glory of Islam,  would-be suicide bomber aged 11 has been arrested alongside Taliban fighters. Known only as Abdullah, the young Jihadist  was caught crossing the mountains from Pakisrtan's tribal region into Afghanistan wearing a jacket packed with explosives.

Knowing the Demands of a Holy Warrior and the Benifits of an Islamic Martyr (the wonderous 72 virgins that are provided to Muslim men who die in the cause of Islam) he was ready to fight in the cause of Islam! 

Abdullah's days were spent reading the Koran and his evenings were taken up learning how to load weapons and how foreigners came to Muslim lands to kill them.

Abdullah's younger brother Amin, 10, is also a student at the same school.

Abdullah told the journalist, his favourite weapon of choice was the Kalashnikov because he found the trigger of the pistol hard to pull.

When Mr Neely asked the 11-year-old how felt about becoming a suicide bomber he said he knew he 'would end up in pieces.'

He also said he knew the difference between suicide and sacrifice and that he wanted to kill non-Muslims