Thursday, April 16, 2009

Centuries of Glorious Islamic Jihad on the Indian Infidels in 9 Minutes!

 I come with amazing news and food for the Islamic Mind. 

As we all know, Jihad is the most Holy act a Muslim can do, and that the booty of the slain infidel is the bounty that Allah has provided Muslims since the days of the Apostle. 

Muslims  take great pride in the spreading of the RELIGION OF PEACE by the sword. Perhaps most interestingly, is that most Muslims are not aware of the millions of bodies that Islam has racked up over the centuries during the Jihadist conquest of the sub-continent. 

We only have to look to the examples of Afghanistan (formerly Buddhist) and Pakistan (Formerly Hindu) to witness the fruits and package of benifits that Muslim Armies have brought, and the vibrant societies we Muslims create. 

It is with this in mind, I would like to share an important video with all of you that regals the Glory Stained Jihad against the polytheists in India, and the demands of Allah for their blood. 

Believers  must rejoice in the fact that Muslim armies massacred tens of millions of Indians explicitly in the name of Islam. This brief history of their Jihadist conquests and bloody Holy War is a must watch. 

Praise the Peace that Islam brings and the wonderful societies that Muslims create! 


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