Friday, April 24, 2009

The Feminist Chronicles Part II

Stragely when confronted with the news that Rape is now legal in an Afghani marrige, feminist squeal (as said in the post below) that this is a perversion of Islamic values, and that the only reason for this was that Afghanistan was a unique case because it has not signed on to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This again is a strange argument, because actually no member of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is subject to the UDHR. All member states of this 22 country bloc have rejected the UDHR and are subject to the The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam and this declaration does not support the goal of " equality for all races, creeds, colours and religions."

This declaration in fact is usually seen as an Islamic counterpart of and a response to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.The Centre for Inquiry in September 2008 in an article to the United Nations writes that the CDHRI: "undermines equality of persons and freedom of expression and religion by imposing restrictions on nearly every human right based on Islamic Sharia law.

In fact, Westerners are apt to point out that the Cairo Declaration, which is the guiding principals for Human Rights in the Islamic world, has been criticised for failing to guarantee freedom of religion.

Apostasy is still punishable by death in many member states, as well is in more moderate Islamic countries like Malaysia prison, and corporal punishment are used on would be apostates. Moreover, Similarly, CDHRI is criticized as not endorsing equality between men and women; moreover, it is accused of asserting the superiority of men. In the Article 6, women are guaranteed equal dignity, in contrast to the Universal declaration which offers equal rights. Rights are specific and can be enumerated, whereas "dignity" is an amorphous concept which means one thing to one group, and another thing to another group. For the text of the declaration, please see here:

It is then very strange that Feminists would say that these new laws are extremist in nature and pervert Islam, when in fact, all countries that are members of the OIC are in agreement on exactly what Islamic Human Rights are.

There is no interpretation as Westerners like to call it. Sharia and all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence agree with this because of the scriptures I quoted in the previous post.

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