Tuesday, April 7, 2009


TEL AVIV, APRIL 6 - While Israel is making final preparations for the Easter festivities which begin on Wednesday, Hamas's television is reviving in its own way the medieval anti-semite stereotype according to which Jews had the habit of using non-Jewish blood for their religious rites. The alert was given by an Israeli organisation named Palestinian Media Watch (Pmw). Controversy originated from the broadcast in recent days by the Hamas television network of a few excerpts from a theatrical sketch set up by Gazàs Islamic University. Passages stated that, because of divine will, jews have the habit of drinking Islamic blood and using it to wash their hands during a rite of purification. Greeted with apparent hilarity by the Gaza University campus, the scenes raised concern in Israel. The directors of PMW, Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, pointed out that during history the Jews have been unfairly accused of using non-Jewish blood to produce unleavened bread for Easter. They added that these accusations were often the root of pogroms and the mass slaying of Jews.

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