Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MORE ISLAMIC JUSTICE : Islamic Honor Killings Comprise 1 in 5 Pakistani Murders!

Can  Muslims, not feel the Pride of the Islamic way of Life? 
We all know the Benifits and bounty of membership in the Islamic Ummah. 

However, I am finally glad to see that a Study has been prepared that shows that 20% percent of all Murders in Pakistan are done so to cleanse the Islamic honour of a family and restore the tranquil nature of Muslim society! 

That one in five murders are carrired out for the sake of Allah is most impressive, however, lest we forget there are many other beautiful acts taken out upon women in Pakistan in the name of Allah: 

From Beating to Gang Rapes (on the orders of Islamic Tribal Councils) that all Muslims relish. 

However, this story of a man chopping off is wive's nose is also illustrative of the GLORY of Islamic Justice and the need to SQUEAL Allahu Akbar at any time! 

Can we really deny the Glory and Peace that Islam has brought to the world?

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