Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Muslims Worldwide SQUEAL in Delight and Celebrate Italy Earthquakes "...O Allah, May the Death Toll Rise!..."

I come with news of CELEBRATION from the bowels of the Ummah! 

Muslims understand that all modern science can be  found in the Noble Quran, and that tectonic plates have nothing to do with earthquakes unless it is the will of Allah for them to create devestation at his will! 

Now word comes of the Cheering and
GLEE that Muslims are now feeling with regards to the Earthquakes in Italy. 

Please witness the Happiness of Muslims at the demonstration of Allah and his MIGHT when dealing with the infidels! 

Muslims Cheer Italy Earthquakes 'O Allah, May the Death Toll Rise!'

"... Muslims have been rejoicing at the devastating earthquake that hit Italy's central Abruzzo region on Monday, describing it as a "divine punishment" for "the enemies of Islam....

... At last they have had their dark days too. O Allah, kill them and leave them destitute vagabonds...

...The jihadists appear to be engaged in contest to see who can post updates on the death toll from the earthquake fastest...

...O Allah, keep the earthquakes and tragedies coming - cursed be Europe, Israel and the United States...

...O Allah, may the death toll continue to rise. Destroy our enemies and help Muslims!...

...We have a stronger weapon than guns - our prayers, which will further drive up the numbers of victims..."

Can anyone really deny the TOLERANCE that Islam creates worldwide? 

That Islam is the RELIGION OF PEACE is beyond Question and the wonders and AWE in Allahs creative way to snuff out the lives of Kuffr is a cause for Muslim Celebration! 

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