Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Arabs are Backward and Not Fit For Civilization At All!"

I come with a tale of falsehood and slander against the greatest culture and race that has EVER existed. 

But first, please witness the LIE:

Partial transcript:

Interviewer: 73% of our viewers believe that the Arabs constitute a great power, and have ability to be influential, and so on.


Anwar Malek: This figure indicates that the Arabs are afflicted with fantasies and obsolete bravado.

Interviewer: False bravado.

Anwar Malek: False, empty bravado, which does no good to anybody.


....The Arabs have lost their worth, their humanity, their culture, and everything. There is nothing to suggest that the Arabs can be relied upon to produce anything.

In all honesty, the Arabs are backward, and are not fit for civilization at all. 


Interviewer: Take Egypt, for example. What does Egypt – that superpower – have to offer? I ask you, what does Egypt have to offer?

Anwar Malek: Nothing. It is incapable of doing anything. It has nothing but lupin beans – and I say this in complete irony. It is incapable of doing anything. It lives off American aid. Without it, they would starve.


First we must expose this lie for what it is. 
Arabs can create poverty, terrorism, backwardness on a Scale that only Islam can generate under the auspices of Allah and the NOBLE Quran. 

Arabs can create a sickness called the Middle East and take pride in the fact that their cultural failure is destroying the rest of the world as well (in the name of Islam of course)!

Arabs have perfected Female Genital Mutilation, Honour Killings, the fondling of children, and the have used their incredible technical prowess to perfect the suicide vest, used to GLORIFY Allah. 

The proof is in the stacks of bodies that Islam racks up on a daily basis that Arabs contribute to anti - civilization. 

Muslims must take pride in their Arab brothers lack of civilization and that wondrous ruin that Islam is bringing to world!

Allahu Akbar!


kauaikit said...

So, so funny & clever. All of your postings are GREAT.

Hope if you don't mind if I post a few on my FB page for others to enjoy & be enlightened to the wonderful "gift" to the world of Islam from the Arabs.

Allahu Akbar for your continued work.

Anonymous said...

Lots of extremely good reading here, thanks! I had been searching on yahoo when I identified your post, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to far more from you.