Tuesday, May 5, 2009

'Islamic Solidarity' Games Cancelled Due to Muslim Infighting

I come with even more proof of the Greatness and Utopian societies that Islam has created.  

Muslims take pride in their hypocrisy, and even celebrate their duplicitous nature (for example, no hate for Jihad or Martyrdom missions that have killed thousands more Muslims than Jews ever have)!  

Muslims know that their strength, comes from their inability to ever be reasoned with, held accountable for their actions or live peacefully in ANY society (whether their own, or the West that they are colonizing at the moment).  

Yet again, witness the GLORY of Islam on full display (yet again) as the games of "ISLAMIC SOLIDARITY" have now been suspended in Iran and will probably be canceled due to our Muslim inability to reason (with even other Muslims) and the completely alien concept of "give and take" I hope all Muslims take great pride that the "ISLAMIC SOLIDARITY" games have been derailed by Muslim backbiting, and praise Allah that there is no way for anyone, no matter how well structured their argument, to reach a Muslim and reason with them!

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