Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Islamic 10 Commandments

As we all know, the GLORY of Islam is boundless. As Muslims demand the bounty of rights for Islamic MEN, as bequeathed by Allah and put into Action by the Apostle of Justice, we should also pause and reflect on the most Important aspects of this wondrous faith:

Muslims please remember that which Allah DEMANDS and the benefits of Islamic membership. Duties First:

1. Every muslim must follow Mohammed’s example.

2. Jihad is the first duty of ALL MUSLIMS!

3. The whole world must be converted to Islam (by force if necessary)!

4. Terror will make Islam victorious.

5. Allah will punish Muslims that don’t fight in Jihad.

6. Muslims must fight all infidels around the world and MUST be ruthless with them.

7. Muslims must use any means at your disposal to fight the Infidel.

(Allah has been so generous here, and there are so many available today, from flying planes into buildings, blowing up public infrastructure, lighting forest fires, using nuclear bombs or biological weapons, or even poisoning food at the local supermarket. Nothing is forbidden to a Muslim during Jihad).

8. Muslims must kill anyone who leaves Islam (Apostates)or is not following the true path.

9. If you are martyred in the cause of Islam, Allah will take you into paradise where you can enjoy unlimited sex with your brand new 72 virgins.

10. The fondling of children is the height of emulation (of the Apostle) and must be practiced by all pious Muslims.

Now that we know the DEMANDS of Allah, I will follow this up by regaling Islamic stories of the promises of Islamic paradise, and the benefits package that Allah has given Muslims here on earth.

Can anyone seriously question the GLORY of Islam?


Anonymous said...

Who said? you said! or the writer said? who is the writer? Human?
How is that human feeling while he was writing? Full of anger!

Anonymous said...

What is this and you seriously call yourselves muslim, I suggest you go back to the Qur'an and start reading from the first chapter with clear view of what you actually are reading then you can come and give fatwa and dawah, fear Allah, fear Allah and do not try to twist Islaam like this.

Anonymous said...

haha hate all you want. The Noble Quran is nothing but a reminder to the human nation. Many have gone astray. Chose your path wisely.

Anonymous said...

You really should go back to the quran. Read and understand the quran before posting. Everything you said was incorrect if read the first chapter you wouldn't have posted this. It’s sad that this is how interpret the quran when all it brings is peace. I wonder why ignorant people like you have no knowledge yet feel the need to blog. You spend so much time spreading what you think you know. lol you really know nothing. Jihad isn’t war its the fight within yourself to do right, to overcome obstacles in life to stay on the right path. How’s your Jihad coming along?