Friday, May 22, 2009

Islamic Justice: Muslim Woman Killed for Chatting on Facebook!

As of late, many have not been vigilant in their Muslim duties! Too many of their Muslim sisters have been allowed to speak on Facebook unsupervised, and in doing so have been flouting the ETERNAL LAWS of Islam!

I am glad at least there are some Muslims that will not stand for this BLASPHEMY! 

Thus I bring my fellow Muslims GOOD NEWS! 


Saudi woman killed for chatting on Facebook

Muslims: the Facebook “virus” is lethal
The social network provokes “illicit dreams” and “flirting” with people of the opposite sex. 

As all Muslims know, Islam  is a cullture of SHAME, and Muslims must do EVERYTHING to keep their  Muslim sisters OFF Facebook and speaking to men!

Praise Allah for the above examples of pious Islamic behaviour, and let us do everything to silence Muslim woman, and keep them in their place!

Allahu Akbar!