Friday, May 22, 2009

Moslem Woman Leash and Licensing Laws?

I propose a licensing system whereby a moslem woman is able to show that she is really free.  Such a system is already in place throughout society for all sorts of purposes. 

Owners of dogs often must have a license to show ownership and rabies shots etc. and the dog wears a tag of some sort.  

Shops must have a license to sell alcohol, etc… It is not beyond the capacity of the state to incorporate this function for moslem women. 

 A simple certificate on a burqa that is visible would suffice. This certificate would need to be dated and renewed once a year at a special office of the state. The certificate would be issued once the interviewer is satisfied that the woman is a free agent and willingly wears a burqa and subordiantes herself to her husband/family.  

Then next time people see a moslem wearing apparel suitable for ninjas only they will be able to see her certificate and relax, and only feel sorry for her choice of belief system, rather than her physical suffering.  

If the certificate is not visible, well then, that would be a different situation, her master (husband) would then have to be issued a fine.  This licensing law could also work for unleashed moslem women..... 

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