Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Praise Allah!: List of the World's Most Dangerous Countries is Almost Entirely Comprised of Islamic Dominated Lands!

We must bask in the FRUIT of Muslim success in creating Islamic Paradises Modeled on the LAWS of Allah as found in the Noble Quran!  

Using the Divine Laws of Allah, Muslims have been able to construct Islamic Paradises that we all know, and "dying" to immigrate to: Somolia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, the Sudan, and many other countries where Islam is in the business of bettering humanity by imposing Sharia on the infidels are truly the lands that Allah has intended Muslims to live! 

Please review this page, with Amazing News on the endless number of FAILED STATES that Islam has created!  Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Pakistan, West Bank/Gaza Strip, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Algeria, Nigeria, Georgia — that’s Forbes‘ top 15. 

Those that are also interested, may also wish to review a second list, of the world’s active conflicts. It is essentially a checklist of current Islamic aggression and Jihad (and describes an entirely related point — the few non-Islamic conflicts have communist/socialist or other totalitarian participants). 

Praise Allah for the Failed States and Violence that he has brought to believers and let us not fail to notice that this murder and looting that is done in His name only underscores the validity of Islam! 

Praise Allah!

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