Friday, May 15, 2009

PRAISE ALLAH!: 'Poison gas' puts 50 Afghan schoolgirls in hospital!

I come (Yet AGAIN) with a tale of GREATNESS and GLORY of yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of Islam and the humaneness that it creates (no matter where it goes). 

Brothers, as we all know Islam is the religion of JUSTICE and we can all take comfort in the knowledge that (in the words of the Apostle), "He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause" 

Please witness yet again the courage and the strength of Islam, where our brothers in Afghanistan have, yet again thwarted attempts by the infidel, WHO DARE to educate Islamic female children!

This abuse cannot go unchecked, and I am happy to bring the news that our Muslim brothers are fighting back against this OPPRESSION!


Poison gas' puts 50 Afghan schoolgirls in hospital
Nearly 50 teenagers have been admitted to hospital after a suspected mass poisoning at an Afghan girls' school, the second such incident in a month.


Praise these brave Mujahadeen and their tireless struggle to uphold the LAWS of ALLAH in the Islamic Utopia of Afghanistan!

Squeal Allahu Akbar! 

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