Saturday, June 6, 2009

OPPRESSION of Islam!: Muslims Persecuted for Following the Perfect Example of the Apostle!

It is indeed a dark day for Muslims everywhere, when news of this kind is known widely.

As we know,
it is every Muslim's RIGHT to Plunder his booty as he sees fit, as was the actions of Allah's Apostle. 

The kidnapping, rape and forced conversion of (Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, etc..) girls to Islam is a time honored tradition, that was sanctioned by Allah and carried out by his Apostle.

Just a cursory glance at the news on any given day, we can find our Muslim brother's carrying out this beautiful Islamic practice in the service of Allah:


However, brothers, there are forces at work that are OPPRESSING fellow Muslim Heroes that carry out this HOLY act of Islam!

Kidnapping of 15-year-old girl: LHC CJ orders action against kidnappers

This insult against Islam and the Apostle of Allah cannot go unchallenged! 
Jihad is the only answer to this OPPRESSION! 

That Muslims are forbade in their emulation of the Prophet is BLASPHEMY! 

Squeal Allahu Akbar! 

And let Muslims get back into the HOLY ISLAMIC business of kidnap, rape, and forced conversions!

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