Friday, June 19, 2009

Praise Allah!: Teachers Make Easy Pickings for Thai Muslims - 115 Killed

As Muslims know, indoctrination is the key.

If we can get the young of any society, and wash their brain with the GLORY of Islam and the actions of the Messenger, they will be frothing and foaming at the mouth Jihadists for life.

We only need to look at the wonderful work done on Muslim Children to confirm this:

The Religion of Tolerance: 11yr Old Muslim Girls Yearn to Murder Infidels

The Religion of Tolerance: Not to be Out Done by and 11 Year OLD, 3 YEAR OLD MUSLIM GIRL YEARNS TO KILL INFIDELS

That Islam is struggling to improve humanity, by imposing Sharia on the infidel is the height of peace. It does not matter, that wherever Islam is there is violence and hate.

Please witness the GLORY, yet again of Islam in the fight to control young minds:

To murder teachers, and replace them with Imams that can inculcate young minds with Jihad is a goal ALL MUSLIMS should relish!

Allahu Akbar!

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